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If the client requires timestamping every two minutes how would it look?


Answered by bhavyarajput2
Timestamps are helpful when someone reading the transcript wants to listen to the audio that corresponds to a particular segment of the transcript. They are also useful when referring to a specific part of the transcript. For example: “At [00:21:30], the interviewer asks the driver if he had anything to drink that evening.” This allows the reader to quickly find the section of the transcript where that question was asked.

Timestamps are often ordered with transcripts of interviews, panel discussions, depositions, legal transcripts, and raw footage of documentaries or other video productions before editing. When used with video transcription, timestamps can help to synchronize the text with a specific scene within the video file. Editors find them useful when looking for a particular part of the video that needs to be edited. Market researchers find them useful when writing reports summarizing what they’ve learned from reading interview transcripts or panel discussions.
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