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if the sp of 15 toys is equal to cp of 12 toys find the loss percent ​


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the cost price of 12 toys is equal to selling price of 15 find the loss percent...??

{\huge{\pink{\underline{\underline{Formula\ used}}}}}

Loss=C.P.-S.P\\</p><p>Loss\ percent= \frac{Loss}{C.P}  \times 100


Let the cost price of 1 toy be x.

Then,cost price of 12 toys is 12x


Selling price of 15 toys=cost price of 12 toys=12x

So,selling price of 1 toy=\frac{12x}{15}



Loss=C.P.-S.P\\</p><p>       =x  - (\frac{4x}{5})\\</p><p>     = \frac{5x}{5}  -  \frac{4x}{5} \\</p><p>=\frac{x}{5}

Loss percent= \frac{Loss}{C.P}  \times 100\\</p><p>= \frac{ \frac{x}{5} }{x}  \times 100\\</p><p>=\frac{x}{5x}  \times 100\\</p><p>=\frac{1}{5}  \times 100\\

=20 percent answer..

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