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If two sides are able to 10cm and 6.5cm find the the third side ​


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The sides of a triangle have lengths (in cm) 10, 6.5 & a ,where a is whole number. The minimum value that a can take is ?????

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Sum of two sides of a triangle is always greater than the third side of the triangle.



First side=10cm

Second side=6.5cm

Third side=a cm

According to this property,

third side <first side +second side



So,here we can take the minimum of value of a =16.5+0.01=16.51cm


Third side is 16.51 cm

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This means we are given two sides and one angle that is not the included angle. In this case, use The Law of Sines first to find either one of the other two angles, then use Angles of a Triangle to find the third angle, then The Law of Sines again to find the final side.

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