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imagine that a student from another country has come to study in your school what problem do you think that she he might face​


Answered by jhadharmendra983

•she would have to learn the regional language .most of the people won't be able to understand her language

•it would be difficult for her to make friends

•she would feel lonely

•some people will try to show her that she is not capable of doing anything

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Answered by sidhantverma

A girl named kency from Jordan came to study in our school. She was very good in English and she also know phillipine language but the problem she faced was in hindi. She can't understand hindi and so all the students talk with her in English only. She got very less marks in hindi. But later on she learned hindi. She is in our school for 3 years.

This a real story don't think that this is just a story.

Hope it helps.

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