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Imagine you are one among the crowd in a shopping mall,awaiting the arrival of popular film stars,who are coming there for the promotion of their film.Narrate the scene and your reaction on it.


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I was surprised to know the cause of the crowd that had gathered at the shopping complex. Some of my favorite film stars had gathered round the corner to promote their upcoming film. Without hesitation I rushed into the crowd to meet the actors. I struggled between the people and somehow managed to reach the stars. Ajay Devgan and his co-actors along with rohit shetty had come to promote their film golmaal again for which I was waiting for a long time. It was a great honour to meet them. I quickly snapped some photographs with them and managed to get an

autograph signed by ajay devgan. After this brief time of pleasure I rushed back home for I was almost exhausted after getting into the mob. It was a great day though and I wish I meet the stars once again.

Hope that's what you were looking for...I have written a lot though.

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today it's my best day because my favorite actors is coming in the mall near my house. I will meet him live in front my eyes. It's like a dream come true. I should reach there first then he will meet me first. I will reach there in the early morning at 7am. I'm very excited I will take his autograph on my favorite t-shirt, my secret dairy and on his big photograph. I thought that I should take a gift for him. So now I should go to the gift shop to buy a beautiful gift for him. It took a long time toe to decide what should I buy and finally bought a big and beautiful gift item. I reached there That7:05am and what I can see was a big crowd. I waited there for 5 hours and then he was in front of me that was the movement for which I was waiting. I got his autograph that was my aim. I was very happy. it was like a wow movement.


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