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In a class test of 15 questions 4 marks are given for every correct answer and (-2) marks for every
incorrect answer and no marks are given for questions that are not attempted.
(i) Daksh attempts all questions but only 10 of his answers are correct. What is his score?​


Answered by ayush172913


30 si the right answer of your question

vaishnavi831884: okkk
ayush172913: 5 into minus 2 because if he attempeted all the question and 10 are correct then 5 of his answer is wrong that why
vaishnavi831884: OK thanks
ayush172913: can you please follow me i will help you in any math question
vaishnavi831884: but I'm not from maths stream I need help in physics
ayush172913: ok but i want to say something
vaishnavi831884: what
ayush172913: if i say it you have to definitely reply
vaishnavi831884: okk
ayush172913: i love you
Answered by pallavidevadiga08


Step-by-step explanation

Total question = 15

Attenpted = 15

Correct answered = 10

Wrong anwered = 5

Dakshid marks

Correct ans = 10 ×4


Inncorrect ans =5×2


Marks obtained =40-10


Therefore he got 30 marks in test overall...

aditya5456: 2 part also tell
aditya5456: please
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