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. In a Company’s Balance Sheet …………………. appear under the head ‘non-current assets’.

(A) Goodwill

(B) Patents

(C) Vehicles

(D) All of the above​


Answered by renukajalihal

(A) Goodwill

Sis I think this is correct answer

If wrong If sorry Sis

Answered by KishoreEga


(D) All of the above

In a Company's Balance sheet Goodwill, Patents and Vehicles appear under the head 'Non- Current Assets".


Non current assets are the assets which deliver economic benefits over the period of time more than one operating cycle i.e. more than 12 months.

Vehicles are classified under fixed assets. Depreciation is available on the same.

Patents and Goodwill are classified  intangible assets. Amortization benefit is claimed by the business entity.

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