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is it better to tell the truth or a white lie 1 min speech


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Tell the truth at all times

Very often people are caught up in situations where it seems very disastrous for them to speak the truth. They believe that by speaking the truth, their lives, careers or relationships will be put on the line. So they end up saying what they call a “white lie” to save themselves.

Whether they truly get relieved by speaking the so-called white lies is another topic, but experience has taught me that, in whichever circumstances, it is better to speak the truth and nothing but the truth.

It may hurt a little or embarrass you a great lot, but in the long run, speaking the truth will boost your character and personality, people will respect you as a person of your word.

This is all because, when you lie to someone who trusts you, somehow, one day, that little secret of yours will be found out anyway and you will stand greater shame and ridicule. In fact, you may lose it all.

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better 2 tell the truth......

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