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“Laburnum Top is a poem about the relationship between the Laburnum tree and the Goldfinch bird.” Explain.


Answered by shambhavi1634

The Laburnum Top is a poem written by Ted Hughes. The relationship in between the Laburnum tree and the Goldfinch bird is like the relation of the body and the soul. The body becomes empty without the soul. ... The Laburnum tree had its leaves wilting away and there was a silence and emptiness in its surroundings.

Answered by seemasingh7501

the Poem was written by Ted Hughes


in this poem the relationship between Laburnum tree and the goldfinch bird is explained as:

The Laburnum tree was silent and death like , then the goldfinch comes to the tree with a chirping sound, and tree get filled with happiness. And the poet compared the quickness and alertness to the lizard. Then after feeding her the small birds , the goldfinch went to the end of the branch . She serves as the engine of her family and it flew away from the tree with a chirping sound and leaves the tree silent and death like.

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