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7- Xorno
4%8X - JUU
i5 7 8x - 9.236.
* Wesler charges 2 commission from a buyer or ser or prop
Le paid20.900 as a commission for purchasing a flat, what was the
ar het in Delhi charges 1096 sales tax on the price of the food taken. Mi Savon
le family had food for 685. Find the total money he had to pay.
Par pinta 240 sq. feel of a wall. If this is 48% of the total wall surface. what is the
The salary of a person was increased by 15%. In his salary now is 9,936, what was his
in a co-oducational school, 45% of the total students are girls. If there are 440 boys in
- A potato seller sells 70% of the total potatoes and still has 150 kg potatoes left with
the school, find the number of girls in the school. 557. 6 - 440
in Rohan's birthday party, 90% of his friends came and three friends did not come. Find
the total number of friends Rohan has. 10% 6 x - 3
An a quiz competition, Ravi gave answers of 70% of the questions. He failed to give
answers of six questions. Find the total number of questions asked in the quiz
Jout of a class of 45 students, five were absent, 30% of the remaining had failed to do
of the wall in sq. feet?
al salary?
- 150
him. Find the weight of potatoes he had originally.
% of x
homework. Find the number of students who did the homework. 30% 840 = X​


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