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name and critically discuss the human rights that felt the media infringed upon Kaizer Motaung Junior and Caster Semenya


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In case of this athlete, all the entangled issues are altogether intermixed. Is Caster a male professing to be female or a genuine female? Caster is male according to natural proof.Caster’s case was endorsed by the World Olympic bodies. According to many, they might bow political accuracy.There are sufficient sides of these dubious subjects for everybody.  

Human Rights Infringement implies, slighting or acting against someone’s rights.  

The media can be utilized to energize consumers into purchasing items with a sports personalities name on it, in this way making the sports personality richer. People can be affected to enjoying a particular sport by following up on a people constructive characteristics depicted by the media. The media can give the sports network a terrible name by making counterfeit occurrences. Wrong things or merchandise that could be deceitful or illicit are wrongfully sold by the media without consent of the sports person.

Kaizer Motaung Junior has been in the media’s consideration when he blamed his better half for mishandling him. Kaizer was later discovered to mishandle medications and liquor, this made this fans savagely criticize him. Castor Semenya was slammed by the media when she contended at the 2009 Olympic game in china when she won the gold medal for the 800m race. The media blamed her for not being female and putting the other female sprinters off guard. She was for to experience sexual orientation tests and was restricted for contenting for very nearly a year. Oscar Pistorius was placed into the lime light when the media revealed that he had murdered his girlfriend. Numerous fans tossed hatred at Oscar and Sky news leaked film of the wrongdoing scene.  

Right to equality - we reserve the privilege to be shielded from any type of segregation. The media oppressed her because of her sexual condition. They guarantee because of this she ought not to be contending, which is in itself segregation.  

Right to Human Dignity - Caster pride was removed when her own condition was made incredibly open. The media misused this for their very own individual advantage to the detriment of Caster's dignity. Kazier Motaung Junior Freedom from Torment and Debasing Treatment–Kazier was dealt imperfectly and his name was corrupted when the media provided details regarding his maltreatment and alleged medication use.

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She has been highly criticized and called a man.  She was subjected to invasive tests to determine her physical and hormonal make up. Gender test results remain inconclusive for the purposes of determining qualification for Olympic competition.   She runs a great race, and who cares? Women want challenges, they have it in Caster Semenya.

Kaizer Motaung Junior was a football player and has retired. He had played in South African league too, and played from the striker position.

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