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name the secretion of salivary galnds​


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Answer: The secretion of salivary glands is called Saliva.

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Answer:Saliva is produced in and secreted from salivary glands. The basic secretory units of salivary glands are clusters of cells called an acini. These cells secrete a fluid that contains water, electrolytes, mucus and enzymes, all of which flow out of the acinus into collecting ducts.

Within the ducts, the composition of the secretion is altered. Much of the sodium is actively reabsorbed, potassium is secreted, and large quantities of bicarbonate ion are secreted. Bicarbonate secretion is of tremendous importance to ruminants because it, along with phosphate, provides a critical buffer that neutralizes the massive quantities of acid produced in the forestomachs. Small collecting ducts within salivary glands lead into larger ducts, eventually forming a single large duct that empties into the oral cavity.

Most animals have three major pairs of salivary glands that differ in the type of secretion they produce:

parotid glands produce a serous, watery secretion

submaxillary (mandibular) glands produce a mixed serous and mucous secretion

sublingual glands secrete a saliva that is predominantly mucous in character

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