Math, asked by tummadeepthi71998, 17 days ago

observe the same and fill in the blank with suitable answers.


Answered by subhikshamrth

May i know the full details of the questions....

tummadeepthi71998: this is only the complete question..which have send
tummadeepthi71998: u want options?
subhikshamrth: it has written observe the same, what to observe
subhikshamrth: and fill in blanks and where are the blanks
tummadeepthi71998: kk leave it
tummadeepthi71998: i got the answer
tummadeepthi71998: thank you
tummadeepthi71998: actually the question is ..... follow a definite pattern,and observe the same and fill in the blanks with suitable answer
tummadeepthi71998: 9,28,126,344,_
tummadeepthi71998: this is the question
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