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people buy me to eat but,never eat me..​


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IBRAZ: my name is ibraz
Rowdygirlaishu: here try to clear u r doubts
IBRAZ: inn do nu ko kay problem hai mai single huu tooo
Rowdygirlaishu: not these type of things
IBRAZ: who is this rowdygirlaishu when i see her profile i think he is a boy
rajeshkumar97: one day come when you became double so
rajeshkumar97: wait for that day.....(time se pehle kuch nhi krte).....
Rowdygirlaishu: ham ko koyi problem nahi hey but this not the correct place for these types of things
Anonymous: Thnks for that golden crown
Rowdygirlaishu: most welcome
Answered by rajeshkumar97


hope it may help you

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