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Class: Economics, lesson: the story of village Palampur
Read the lesson and answer the following questions:
1. Define the term production.
2. What are the main factors of production. Explain briefly.
3. Differentiate between the physical capital and fixed capital.
4. What is known as multiple cropping?
5. How did the spread of electricity help the farmers in Palampur?
6. What is the difference between multiple cropping and modern farming method?
7. Define the term Green Revolution. What are the limitations of Green Revolution?
8. Is it important to increase the area under irrigation?
9. What do you mean by HYVs?​​


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1. Production is the conversion of raw material into finished goods of some value.

2.The main factors of production are-

land- it is required for building infrastructure it is a one time investment

labour-it is manpower necessary for effective production.

physical capital -it is divided into two subdivisions fixed and working capital it basically is the money and resources required for production

entrepreneurship- this refers to the skills and knowledge required by a person to run the business

please suggest if more to be elaborated on any of the above points!!!

3.fixed capital means the long term investment one makes in the process of production ex for a farmer a tractor is fixed capital

working capital means the short term investments ex for the same farmer the seeds are short term as it can only be used once

4.Multiple cropping is the method of growing two or more crops on the same agricultural field.

5.the spread of electricity enabled the farers to use electric pumps which increased agricultural productivity

6. multiple cropping is growing two or more crops on same land and modern farming is using modern techniques like hyv seeds,pesticides, electric irrigation etc

7. Green revolution is the increased use of modern methods like hyv seeds, pesticides to obtain higher output

8.It is important to increase the are under irrigation so that the production is high and farmers can also get reasonable profit

9.Hvy seed are a modern high yielding variety seeds introduced as a result of Green revolution it helps in faster growth of a particular crops which in turn increases the efficiency.

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