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Class: IX
Economics: The Story of Village Palampur
Read page number 6 to 12 and write the answer of the following questions:
1. Explain the difficulties faced by small farmers due to the lack of capital.
2. Define the term Human Capital.
3. What do you mean by non farm activities? Give examples and explain briefly.
4. What can be done so that more non- farming activities can be started in the villages?
5. Differentiate between land and labour as factors of production.
6. Land as well as capital are scarce, yet there is a basic difference between the two. State the difference.
7. How do medium and large farmers obtain capital for farming? How are they different from small farmers?
8. What are the different factors of production? Write about each in short.​​


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Ans =1Farmers with small plots of land lack adequate capital to develop and take loans from money lenders in rural areas which they are unable to pay back because of high rate of interests They become victims of indebtedness and suffer. ... They do not have enough capital to use HYV of seeds, fertilizers.

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