English, asked by nishikagupta, 13 days ago

Please tell me how can I give answer in the brainly app easily​


Answered by girishnaik315pedmq6
you can see the green colour written ANSWER

umairkamran1234: hey @girish I'm single too
girishnaik315pedmq6: u chat here
umairkamran1234: so what do u use
umairkamran1234: okk
girishnaik315pedmq6: ok u be single
umairkamran1234: what
girishnaik315pedmq6: nothing
umairkamran1234: ohhhh
umairkamran1234: please
umairkamran1234: if u r not interested you may directly say
Answered by shejal8

Touch the green bar ... and start typing

be faastt otherwise other one will take that opportunity

nishikagupta: where is that option
nishikagupta: please tell
shejal8: If u touch the question then u will see green button written ANSWER
shejal8: if u will the first or second one to see questions
shejal8: bcoz only 2 people can answer a single question
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