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please write a paragraph about if I were the principal of my school, I would...... (simple future tense)


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Answer:: She has gone to the Kitty PartyRomesh: Please tell her that I will bring two of my friends for dinner ... Ria has to go to her friend's house. So she writes the message for her mother.Write the message from Ria.2.


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Students are always afraid of their Principals. The Principals want their students to progress in life. If they do not do their work, they beat them. Then the Principals enforce discipline among their students. But if I were the Principal, I would endear myself to them. I would remove the causes of fear from their minds. I would see that they are not afraid of me. I would see that their hidden talents are out. I would solve all their problems regarding their studies. I would be their friend, philosopher and guide.

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