Math, asked by Sanskriti141, 16 days ago

Prove 4=5.
Let's see who is genius.
Everyone try...... :))


Answered by surya218
to prove

multiplying lhs by 0
multiplying rhs by 0

0=0 hence proved
high five

surya218: Sanskriti141 i am waiting for ur answer dear
Sanskriti141: ok
AbhishGS: 5=4 ... 5-1=4+1... (10/2)-1 = (8/2)+1... (10-2)/2 = (8+2)/2...8/2=10/2... : .4=5
AbhishGS: this is also a correct trick
surya218: hmm lol
AbhishGS: means?
surya218: laugh out loud
AbhishGS: hmm
AbhishGS: ok
Answered by piyushkarn13p4n0f6
please mark as brainliest

piyushkarn13p4n0f6: thanks
surya218: yea impressd
surya218: i have the baddest of all
piyushkarn13p4n0f6: ha ha
nishantmalik1: sanskriti plz message me personally
ss8153808p6g2ts: wrong h bhai
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