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Q1)Why Italian bee variety commonly used for commercial honey production?
Q2)Give two examples of shellfishes.
Q3) Name two marine fish of high economic value, which are also cultured in sea water.


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Apis mellifera is an italian bee variety. Italian bees are more desirable for production of honey because they give a high yield of honey, are stingless and can live long in the beehives as compared to the other bees. Answer: ... They stay in their beehives for linger time.

Crayfish, crab, lobsters are all examples of shellfishes.. Answer: Shellfish include two groups: crustaceans and molluscs.

The economic value in sea generally influences the value of water temperature in the sea. A small increase or decrease in the water temperature can stimulate the growth of the fish, and lower the oxygen level. Catla , Rohu , Common Carps , Grass Carps and Mrigals are five fishes of high economic value.

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