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Slogan on saving the endangered language


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Answer :save animal save nature.

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Cambridge English Dictionary defines 'slogan' as 'a short, easily remembered phrase used to describe the character of something, esp. a political idea or a product.'

Some slogans on protection of endangered species are :

1. Let us protect nature, let us protect the wildlife.

2. Animals kill for need, humans kill for greed.

3. Extinction is forever.

4. Fur is for animals, not for humans.

5. The earth was made for all beings, not just human beings.

6. Animals have few rights, but they have every right to be alive.

7.Shoot the wild animals with a camera not with a gun.

8. Save Animals One Paw at A Time.

9. Animals are friends, not food.

10. No wildlife. No human life.

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