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Solve the equation.



Answered by udaysingh37


The solution will be

4x - 2x = 9+13

2x = 22

x = 22/2

x = 11

Answer = 11

Answered by yassersayeed

In accordance with the information provided in the question,

We have find the value of the supplied expression in the above question.

Given the data in question 4x−13=2x+9

Hence, for solving the above equation, we will solve it by separating the like terms at one side.

So, we will shift 13 from LHS to RHS,

So, we will shift 2x from RHS to LHS,

So, we will get it as,

=4x-13=2x+9\\\Rightarrow 4x-2x=9+13\\\Rightarrow 2x=22\\\Rightarrow x=\frac{22}{2} \\\Rightarrow x=11

Hence, value of "x" in above equation will be 11.  

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