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State the kind of cells present in cork or bark of a the chemical found in their walls and write its function


Answered by alinakincsem
The cork or bark of a tree is the outer structure of a tree. It is made up of the following cells:

(i) Epidermis: It the outer most layer of the bark/cork that protects the tree from any infection. 

(ii) Cork Cambium: It is the type of cell present in the stem of the tree and has chlorophyll in its inner side. It pushes the cork towards the outer side. 

The chemical found found in the walls of the cork/bark is suberin. The purpose of it is to is to keep the walls in contact and not let gases and water pass through it. 
Answered by writersparadise
Cork is the outermost bark of evergreen trees and is composed of thin-walled, wax coated and irregularly shaped cells. These cells constitute the peeling bark of the trees. The wax coating is called suberin and protects the stem from loss of water, insects attack into the stem and infection of the stem by fungal spores and bacteria.
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