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Taking help from the story ' The Sound of Music' Part 1 and Part 2. Write an article in not more than 120 words on 'Success comes to those who Will and Dare.'


Answered by anitasapehia

Success comes to those who will and dare is a commonly used phrase which indicates that we can change our life independently. The freedom of India was not won in a day or in a song. It took 100’s of years to win it. If you want something and you are not getting it don’t be upset as god has planned something better for you. A great author has said, a man is not retired as long as he is seeking. He who doesn’t hope to win has already lost. On the other hand, A man has never lost untill he quits., only you can change your life no one can do it for you.

Willpower always has a success shower. Tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal, it lies in not in having a goal. We must not look at our past mistakes but be courageous and keep moving ahead. Success is nothing but one happiness when we fulfill our desires. Most of the men have not achieved their destination by having some talent or opportunity presented that was at hand. Fortune favours the brave. Many people who have waited for the luck to help them have won and those who did their hardwork by themselves had lost. It happens, but one shouldn’t loose hope as rightly said “Failure is the stepping stone to success. 

Knowing the secret of success and correctly implementing them certainly helps one achieve success in life as its rightly put, Slow but steady wins the race . 

The meaning of success comes in many forms it all depends upon what you are searching in life.

One example that can be given is of Nick, Nick had born with no limbs. He was unable to do the work independently. But then his parents left him alone. He had a small dog in his house. Money is not life. With the help of money we cannot get Nick his limbs. But he put on his brave front and didn’t loose hope he kept trying till he succeeded. Now he has learned to work independently. He works better than we do. So, we do our work with our capabilities and not with our abilities. So we must remember that 

“Success comes to those who will and dare .”
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