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The cpu of the computer takes instruction from the memory and executes them. this process is called


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The computer's CPU reads and executes instructions from the memory. The fetch execute cycle is the name of this procedure.


  • The 'fetch-execute' cycle is the most fundamental process in a computer. The instruction set is a set of instructions meant to be interpreted by the CPU. It retrieves and executes instructions from the main memory.
  • The fetch-decode-execute cycle is the process that a CPU goes through as it executes the instructions of a programme.

Computer program executed on CPU:

  • The CPU follows a "fetch-execute" cycle, in which it fetches the first instruction in the sequence, executes it (adding two numbers or whatever), then fetches and executes the next instruction, and so on. Some of the instructions have an impact on the order in which the CPU executes the instructions.


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