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the home in which a child grows up is often embedded deep in one's memory describe the house in which you grew up essay​


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Hi friend your answer is as follows

The house where I grew up

The house where I grew up was in front of river I grew up in this house along with my parents and my two brothers I can remember every corner of the house as if it was yesterday that I lived there the house was located in the small town named XYZ in the mountains the town was small that everyone know each other it was a bright colorful town

Most of the houses were made of the bricks and cement just like my home at the end of the the road that led out of the town into the deep bush in the mountain was my home because the road led directly into the town it was busy with the people walking riding their bikes As soon as turn to my street eyes of the people would be immediately swayed towards my house not because it was beautiful but because of the huge metal door that open into what I consider living room this was the main enterance

There was no door to the backyard the living room was connected to it we could enjoy the blue sky while washing the dishes the memories of this house and the time which I spent with my siblings are one of the greatest memories I have of my childhood Growing up in the small town in that house allowed me to sense the freedom Since I grew up without the craze of electronic and toys I can positively say that growing up into this house shaped me into the person I am today

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