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The house- the only one in the entire valley- sat on the crest of a low hill. From this height one could see the river and the field of ripe corn dotted with the flowers that always promised a good harvest. The only thing the Earth needed was a downpour or at least a shower. Throughout the morning Lencho who knew his fields intimately had done nothing else but see the sky towards the North-East. “Now we’re really going to get some water, woman.
” The woman who was preparing supper, replied, “Yes, God willing”.​


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A fully developed profession has awell-organized infrastructure for certifying new mem-

bers and supporting those who already belong to the profession. Ford and Gibbs have

identified eight components of a mature professional infrastructure [1]:

• Initial professional education-formal course work completed by candidates before

they begin practicing the profession

• Accreditation-assures that the formal course work meets the standards of the pro-


• Skillsdevelopment-activities that provide candidates with the opportunity to gain

practical skills needed to practice the profession

• Certification-process by which candidates are evaluated to determine their readi-

ness to enter the profession

• Licensing-the process giving candidates the legal right to practice the profession

• Professional development-formal course work completed by professionals in order

to maintain and develop their knowledge and skills

• Codeof ethics-mechanism by which a profession ensures that its members will use

their knowledge and skills for the benefit of society

• Professional society-organization promoting the welfare of the profession, typically

consisting of most if not all of the members of the profession

Figure 8.1 illustrates how these components work together to support the profes-

sion. A person desiring to join the profession undertakes some initial professional ed-

ucation. A process of accreditation assures that the educational process is sound. After

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