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The impact of mahatma gandhi national rural employment guarantee act (nrega) on rural livelihoods


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hey dear here your answer;

➡ according to Mahatma Gandhi ji under this act every person who is need of work and able to do work then work is provided to that person in a year about 200 days and enhance it helps The people.
From this people will be able to mobilize things of every day.

hope this helps you deaR ✌✌
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  • as NREGA this is a flagship programme of government directory touching Life of war and promoting inclusive growth growth it AIMS at enriching the general livelihood of poor people by guarantee at least 100 days of employment in financial year to adult of the household who are willing to do unskilled labour it was imposed on second Fab 2006 and implemented interfaces today it is needed one of the largest employment generating scheme of the Indianational rural employment guarantee act also known
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