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The magnitude of vectors a b c are 12,5,13 units respectively and a+b=c.the angle between vector a and b


Answered by Ritamsamantaray
angle between vector and b is 90°...

heyshiv: Kuch bhi likh dena hai mtlb
Answered by boffeemadrid


90° or \frac{{\pi}}{2}.

Step-by-step explanation:

The magnitude of the vectors a, b and c are 12, 5 and 13 respectively. Since, 12, 5 and 13 are right triangle triplets that is 144 + 25 = 169, thus a, b and c form right angled triangle.

Also, according to the statement, a+b=c, a, b and car height base pairs which concludes that angle between a and b must be 90° or \frac{{\pi}}{2}.

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