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To increase public awareness about organ donation


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Organ donation is important because when people kick the bucket their precious organs with the body are buried in and they are decomposed. Instead of that we can donate those to the needful. Start campaigns and people would recognize the importance of it

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ln order to increase public awareness about organ donation in a locality one can follow the points given below:

a. Individuals above 18 years of age should register to be an organ donor under the guidance or with the approval of a trusted family member.

b. Share your personal experience or request organ donors to speak about their experiences with others.

c. Educate people you meet about ·the benefits of how donating valuable organs can help save the life of a person in need or even multiple lives.

d. Provide your friends with information about organ donation centers in the vicinity.

e. Organize awareness programs about organ donation with the help of your friends and teachers in the school or society.

f. Volunteer for government or social organizations that work towards generating awareness about body donation.

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