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The lockdown is making us do all kinds of things like cooking and organising our homes. But when it comes to children, it becomes a tricky area. Especially during this time, when ideally it would have been their summer vacation, you would want them to be engaged in productive activities. It sure gets difficult, as parents, to manage household chores, and office work, along with having to tends to children’s needs, which is a full-time job in itself. And if quarantining is making life difficult for adults, it must be the same, if not more, for kids. “Kids’ mental health can be affected by quarantine and social distancing, and can lead to certain phobias. It’s very important to keep life as normal and a routine will be helpful,” says Kavita Mungi, psychiatrist.

With the lockdown now extended till May 3, and with most of us losing our patience as the days run by, we wonder whether there is some balance that can be struck that enables parents to maintain their sanity while ensuring their kids’ mental health while also taking care of the recreational activities for kids. “The key is to not get desperate. Find a rhythm. We all need personal space and togetherness. This rhythm between chores, ‘me-time’ and family time can help parents,” says Swati, a clinical counsellor.

She further explains, “Children of different age groups need different things. Their daily routines and mood cycles can help parents decide the activities they wish to undertake. Avoid making these times about getting things done. Find more time for fun activities. Some children like to read, some like to watch movies, others like to dance, while some like to talk. Indulge in activities the child enjoys and make this a full blown vacation.”

Chores for children

Don’t let the guilt in on this one. It is true that teaching kids to do household chores builds character and independence. Kids love playing outdoors and unstructured activity is a need for them. With the quarantine, it can be very difficult to manage them and tempers can run high owing to frustration! Parents can surely organise things to make it easier on both themselves and their children. Here are a few tips by psychiatrist Mungi:

1. First and foremost make a daily plan of activities and make a calendar

2. Plan board games such as scrabble, carrom, monopoly etc

3. This is the time to plan activities that include all family members such as the elders of the house.

4. Help children to pick up a hobby with online lessons such as singing, dancing, drawing or playing a musical instrument

It’s okay to take time out if parents feel tired. “Assign a place in the house to be a designated quiet corner. If one parent is feeling tired, they can be in the quiet corner for half an hour. Meanwhile, the other parent can be responsible to be around the child/children,” suggests Swati. And Kavita feels parents can indulge in hobbies of their own, have meetings on social media with friends and family.


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