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.Two cars having masses in the ratio 4 : 5, accelerate in the ratio 2:3. Find the ratio
of forces exerted by each of them.


Answered by thapamausam01


ANS. 8 : 15

Explanation: Suppose the two masses of car (m1) and (m2) are in the ratio 4:5 and having the acceleration (a1) and (a2) in the ratio 2:3 respectively.

Wehave the formula, F = ma

So applying the above formula for the both cars we get,

F1 = m1 .a1 ---- (a)

F2 = m2 .a2 ----(b)

Divide (a) by (b) , we get ,

\frac{F1}{F2} =   \frac{m1}{m2} * \frac{a1}{a2}

Putting the values we get,

F1 : F2 = 8 : 15   ans.

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