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two' parallel conductors carrying 5A each repel with a force of 0.25Nm-1 the distance between them is


Answered by Ekaro

Given :

Current flow in each wire = 5A

Force per unit length = 0.25N/m

To Find :

Distance between both wires.

Solution :

Force acting on the conductor per unit length is given by


  • μ。 denotes magnetic susceptibility
  • I₁ & I₂ denotes current
  • r denotes distance b/w conductors

Value of magnetic susceptibility for free space = 4π × \sf{10^{-7}} T m/A

By substituting the given values;


:\implies\sf\:0.25=\dfrac{4\pi\times 10^{-7}}{2\pi}\times\dfrac{5\times 5}{r}

:\implies\sf\:0.25r=(2\times10^{-7})\times 25

:\implies\sf\:r=\dfrac{(2\times10^{-7})\times 25}{0.25}

:\implies\sf\:r=2\times 10^{-7}\times 10^2

:\implies\:\underline{\boxed{\bf{\gray{r=20\ \mu m}}}}

Additional Information :

  • A moving charge produces a magnetic field which, in turn, exerts a force on another moving charge.
  • An electric charge always experiences a force in an electric field, whether the charge is stationary or in motion.
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