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video game Internet, phone and other height is gear hardest part of human in a digital world but parents were concluded about the amount of time their children's spend with this and very bad with me I will be distillation and cramping academic academic and social development write an article in 150 to 200 words describing both the benefits and harms of using the at the device​


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digital world

nowadays, the world is becoming digital by appliances .the appliances lije cell phone, laptop, computer, and so on. the appliances made the life of humans easy. it also helps the students to collect the study material, talk to friends, update to fashion, etc. it also help the people to intract with other people. it helps the generation to find jobs. but they also have some harmful effects like people are become dependent to them, it makes the people busy that they dont have enough time for their family, relative etc. they also harms the eyes of children. the people are too attached to social media that begins the crime. people have trolled, faked, hacked and so on.

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