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what are all the various types of network​


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There are several different types of computer networks. ... Local area network, or LAN. Metropolitan area network, or MAN. Wide area network, or WAN.

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Computer network

In basic terms, computer network is a type of network that allows computers to communicate with other computers via medium. There are mainly 3 types of network: WAN , LAN and MAN. A computer network is set of various computers which are connected for sharing and transferring purposes.

Computer network is a digital communication system which helps our computer to connect different nodes. If we are connected to any network, then we are connected to internet. And, we know that, Everything can be done if we are connected to internet.

WAN - Wide Area Network

Wide area network is provided for large geographical areas like schools, offices, colleges and institutions. WAN is established with the least telecommunication circuits. WAN is used to transmit data and information at large distance.

  • Most of the private WAN networks uses 24 Bit block for communication service.
  • Circuit-switched telephone lines, radio wave transmission, and optical fiber are some of the technologies used in Wide Area Network.
  • WAN provides us High speed internet upto 400 gigabit. AT&T has successfully launched their broadband WAN service to provide high speed internet.

LAN - Local Area Network

Local Area Network interconnects the computers at small geographical area such as schools and colleges. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are the two common technologies used in Land Area Network. In this type of network, Cabling is a common technology that is used for interconnecting two different computers.

  • Local Area Network was created in 1960 by the students of university.
  • LAN provides high speed internet using Ethernet cables. Ethernet cables data is later converted in wireless network using routers.
  • Wireless media is a common thing nowadays. Today, every smartphone, tablet and desktop have built in wifi connection, which helps to use internet without Ethernet cables wireless.
  • NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk  are the protocols used in Local Area network for data communication.

MAN - Metropolitan Area Network

MAN is a type of network that covers very high Geographical areas like districts, towns and villages. The MAN network is transmitted through the tower in the form of waves, when this waves enters in our smartphone, they are later interrupted by our smartphone and hence we can use it.

  • Metropolitan Area Network is also called as Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • MAN network is used since 1994 for data communications.
  • This network is provided from ISP to city and from towers, this network is later converted into waves.
  • Business, education and government entities uses Metropolitan Area Network.

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