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What are some important topics in Class 12th physics in cbse?​


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3)Magnetic effect of current and magnetism

4)EMI and AC

5)Current electricity

6)Electronic devices...

Are some important topics in class 12th CBSC pattern

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Answered by agarwalriyawork

The important topics of physics class 12th cbse are-

Marks (16)-  Electric Charges and Fields, Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Marks (17) - Chapter–3: Current Electricity

Chapter–4 Moving Charges and Magnetism, Chapter–5 Magnetism and Matter , Chapter–6: Electromagnetic Induction , Chapter–7: Alternating Current ,  Chapter–8: Electromagnetic Waves

Marks (18)-  Chapter–9: Ray Optics and Optical Instruments , Chapter–10: Wave Optics

Important books to study-

  1. NCERT-  Read NCERT carefully and make notes. Solve all the intext+exercise questions from NCERT as most of 3 and 5m questions are asked from this book.
  2. Question bank- Question bank (Educart question bank is the best as it provides a new typology of questions like case and assertion-based and important NCERT+ all the previous year questions with elaborate solutions. It also provides topic wise notes with case-based examples) is important for a chapter-wise revision in all subjects.
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