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what are the disadvantages of corona virus​


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One of the biggest challenges seen due to the coronavirus outbreak is the socio-economic downfall. With over 70,000 deaths around the world without any cure at the moment, there is fear and panic everywhere. Demand for supplies have been increasing while supplies are running out. Panic buying and hoarding has created supply shortages of essential goods like medicines and food items. Due to the outbreak, major economies like the U.S and China, are struggling economically. because of the outbreak. This has threatened the global economy. Stock markets have not seen such a sharp decline since the 2008 financial crisis.. ..........✨✌



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Disadvantage of Corona virus:-

1.It is a very serious virus.It enter in a human body as a host cell and then people suffering from sneeze,coughing and so many disease related to this virus.

2.This virus lost economic activities.


3.Travel restrictions also a problem of business that need to move goods.

4.Restrictions causes import and export of goods ,those who are business man....

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