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what are the metaphors employed by the poet in the poem fire and ice and why?100-120 words class 10​


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Though short, "Fire and Ice" contains a multitude of literary devices. Seemingly simple and un-intimidating to the average reader, they are indicative of Robert Frost's writing style. Frost is celebrated for imbuing everyday scenes and language from New England with the universal energy (or "body electric" as Whitman might say) of poetry. He was so successful in doing so that he was one of the rare poets to be celebrated during his lifetime, being awarded the Pulitzer Prize and named the poet laureate of Vermont.

Let's look closely to see the effects of one of his metaphors:

Line 3: "From what I’ve tasted of desire"

Though the poem presents "fire" and "ice" as dynamic metaphors for "desire" and "hate," in the third line we see a very simple implied metaphor: to taste desire. By suggesting desire is something th

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