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What do you think would happen if mankind perished.​


Answered by devank59



Several hours after humanity disappears, lights all around the world will start to shut down since most power stations work on fossil fuels. Without people, there wont be anyone to charge them so they will stop for eight hours after registering a sudden drop in energy consumption. Moreover, all the nuclear power plants will switch to safety mode. On the contrary, the wind mills will keep working until the lubricant runs out and the solar panels will also eventually become useless due to dust deposits. Nearly every region, except for the ones supplied by the hydroelectric power stations, will have their power cut off. Normally, the generators of the dam are activated by the water flow from lake mead. Thus, they could be left unattended for several months or even years, resulting in their breakdown

Answered by samanvith17

if mankind perished all people will become psycho and sadism will be in peaks.Now,every person has 6percent of sadism. In future mankind will definitely perish

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