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What is the most important decision you have made ever made? Explain your decision and how you made it​


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I always have trouble in making decisions. Growing up, I remember being second guessed by my parents on virtually every decision I made or at least that’s how I remember it! However everyone has one decision that makes a big changed in his or her life. For me the most important decision that I have ever made it. is when I chose my major in the college. Is to be dentist .in fact, there was many majors I was thinking for them, but in the end I decided it for several reasons.

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Answered by rj0509925

The most important decision I have is to spend my most of the time in the studies.

I've devoted the majority of my professional life to analysing what you may term "little decisions" like selecting a product, a portfolio, and a job. But none of this knowledge was very useful when I had to make some significant life decisions a few years ago.

I asked 657 Americans between the ages of 20 and 80 to share the 10 most significant choices they have made in their lives so far in order to better understand what the biggest life decisions are.

Nine categories and 58 subcategories were used

to categorise each decision. The 10 decisions were ranked by respondents from biggest to smallest at the conclusion of the study. Here is where you can self-complete the survey. (If you do, your responses might aid in expanding my research.)


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