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What measures did Balban take to restore the prestige of the Sultan?

Please tell only answer not explanation and tell of more than 6 lines​


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Balban gave shelter to all foreign scholars and nobles and named their residences in the name of their country or family because of which he was regarded as the protector of Muslim culture. This gave him a respectable position even in foreign countries of the Muslim world. Balban, primarily, emphasized two points regarding the theory of kingship. Firstly, that the monarchy was divinely ordained and, secondly, that it was necessary for the Sultan to be a despot .He framed certain rules for court- behaviour and enforced them strictly. He adopted many ceremonies of the Persian court He never expressed unusual joy or sorrow in public. He declared that it was the King’s super-human awe and status which could ensure the people’s obedience.,Balban brought these ideas in practice.


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