Biology, asked by Sowparnika3007, 16 days ago

what will happen if phloem tissues are damaged or cut


Answered by Grasper
The P protiens present in the cell fastly clott it and prevent it from being more damaged.
Answered by gratefuljarette

Phloem transports water and minerals. Damage or cut in phloem will affect the transport of minerals or water in the plant body. Ultimately the health of plant is decreased and in severe case it leads to death.


Phloem and xylem are the main parts of the plant. The function of phloem is to carry water and mineral from the soil to the leaves and other parts of the plant body.

It also transfers the nutrients which are responsible for the various functions of the plants. Hence, there will be reduced photosynthesis which would lead to less food. This results in death of the plants.

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