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which of the following plants does not have a tap root
1 marigold
2 mango
3 maize
4 turnip


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(1) & (4) - Marigold and maize do not have a taproot system.


  • Taproot system - In a taproot system, one primary (or main) root grows vertically downwards in the soil and branches into secondary and tertiary roots. The main root tapers towards the end. Examples include turnip.
  • Marigold and Maize have a fibrous root system.
  • Fibrous root system - In a fibrous system, there is no primary root. The roots in the fibrous system develop from the stem in the form of thin and moderately branching roots. The roots move more horizontally rather than vertically. There is no branching into secondary and tertiary roots in this system.
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