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who Giuseppe Mazzini​


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ज्युसेपे मेत्सिनी इटली के राजनेता, पत्रकार तथा एकीकरण का कार्यकर्ता थे। इनको 'इटली का स्पन्दित हृदय' कहा जाता था। इन्होंने 1833 बर्न में यंग यूरोप की स्थापना की। यह राजतंत्र के घोर विरोधी थे। उनके प्रयत्नों से इटली स्वतंत्र तथा एकीकृत हुआ। विनायक दामोदर सावरकर मेत्सिनी को अपना आदर्श नायक मानते थे

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Giuseppe Mazzini (UK: /mætˈsiːni/,[4] US: /mɑːtˈ-, mɑːdˈziːni/,[5][6] Italian: [dʒuˈzɛppe matˈtsiːni]; 22 June 1805 – 10 March 1872) was an Italian politician, journalist, activist for the unification of Italy and spearhead of the Italian revolutionary movement. His efforts helped bring about the independent and unified Italy[7] in place of the several separate states, many dominated by foreign powers, that existed until the 19th century. An Italian nationalist in the historical radical tradition and a proponent of social-democratic republicanism, Mazzini helped define the modern European movement for popular democracy in a republican state.[8]Mazzini's thoughts had a very considerable influence on the Italian and European republican movements, in the Constitution of Italy, about Europeanism and more nuanced on many politicians of a later period, among them American president Woodrow Wilson and British prime minister David Lloyd George as well as post-colonial leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Golda Meir, David Ben-Gurion, Kwame Nkrumah, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sun Yat-sen.[9]

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