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Write a complaint letter to your friend to advice how to celebrate Diwali without crackers.​


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This visit made me think that why should not I contribute in controlling pollution. Hence, I have planned that I would not celebrate dipawali by bursting any kind of crackers, rather I would plant few more trees in my society. Arin, I wish you to do the same and celebrate an eco-friendly dipawali.

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Dear Clare,

How are you? Hope all are fine and good.Here we all are good. As you know diwali is coming near in this month from this saturday.Because of this pandamic situation, I am too sad because, I am disable to come to you to celebrate diwali this year as we always do.

But, This time i am thinking this year we shouldn't burn crackers, let me explain you why? This year many people celebrating diwali with crackers can burn their hand and if they their immunity power will decrease and if anyone covid-19 patient passes their way they can catch the fever fast and after burning hand the germs can resist on their blood so it will be very harmful and there are many reasons you shouldn't burn crackers in this pandemic situation

I would also follow this and enjoy the diwali festival at home with my parents

Your's Lovingly,


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