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Write a diary entry of visiting a village fair


Answered by Alikhan1234

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My Entry

A place

This trip was all different, with a couple of months full of holidays in my hand; a plan was suggested by my parents which stated that I should accompany them to the village to meet my very beloved granny. For a guy who spent nineteen years in the city, staying in a remote village was a challenge in itself, leave alone trying to mingle with the urchins living there. My parents had planned a trip to my ancestral village and had expressed their desire for me to accompany them. When parents usually express desires, it means you are left with no choice but to succumb to them. Putting behind me a month full of fun and sacrificing the next two weeks for my ‘beloved’ granny, I left for the village.
So I boarded the only train that crossed a lonely town nearby my village. That was a day probably I can never forget.. After boarding a rickety bus from the town to my village which was the only possible option with which my village has the connection to was something I just didn’t expected it be. After a journey of an hour with all the skinny people in a crowded bus like that, I was elated on finding all the agricultural lands the people of this very pollution free village had on their name to. Then as soon as I entered the village found a group of school children even at such a tender age busy with playing cricket. Little did I knew at that time that these young lads took pride at playing cricket with a wooden stick while I at the city take in playing the computer games in the computers endlessly.At last the rickety bus halted and I was back at the place where I had taken birth at.Well yes this is the place where I was born. Before even I had entered my house, I was greeted with cascade of hugs and kisses, and then I understood I definitely have to wear a fake smile all the time I am going to stay here to prevent even a slightest doubt to my grandparents about their hospitality.

Answered by Charviisharma


Date. Time

Dear Diary

My grandfather took me to a village fair yesterday and it was a great experience for me. As someone who grew up in city, knows very less about village. I also know very little about village. I never thought they had such vibrant communities and cultures. I have visited exhibitions in the city but the fair was different in many ways. It was more colourful and crowed. Every year they organize the fair as a part of village festivals. The fair gives people an opportunity to showcase their skills and sell their wares. We visited several shops those sell handicrafts, traditional costumes and sweets etc. It was a great fun. The biggest advantage of visiting the fair was that it improved my preception of rural life.


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