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Write a letter to editor regarding chain snatching in our area


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Letter to DDA
Respected Madam/Sir, 

I would like to bring to your notice a menace being faced by residents of Rosewood Apartment and neighboring societies in Sector 13 Dwarka. 

A number of females using the road connecting the Sector 13 Metro Station and Gate No 1 of Rosewood Apartment frequently face eve teasing and molestation. Though there are poles, the street lights don't work and hence the road becomes deserted. The trees and bushes have also grown dense which gives the eve teasers a hiding spot to attack. A number of times, cars parked with people drinking in it have been spotted.

Police has also been informed about such eve teasing incidents. A complaint was also filed by a resident of Rosewood Apartment. A sub-inspector assured of regular patrolling and stationing a PCR van on that road. However, since the past few weeks, the PCR is no where to be seen in that area. 

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