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Write a letter to your parents your dream


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Boys Hostel

Greenwoods Global School


May 6, 2018

Dear Parents:

I hope this letter finds you in vibrant health and high

spirits. My studies and hostel life are going on very well. Last night while

studying I pondered over my future career. I thought over various options. Finally

I felt I have a dream to become a space scientist and work at ISRO.

I have strong interest in deep space exploration and extraterrestrial

phenomena. I feel by becoming a space scientist my wish to study deep space

will be fulfilled. Besides, I am also very keen to be a part of deep space

missions. For example, I am greatly interested in setting up colonies on Mars.

I have written to seek your approval for this career. Do write

to me. Give my parnam to grandparents. Lots and lots of love to you. Special

love to Tina.

Your loving son

your name

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