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Write a long Essay on climate comparison of Himachal Pradesh


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The climate varies across the state with the altitude. In the southern low tracks between an altitude of 400-900 it is hot sub humid type, between 900-1800m altitude warm & temperate, between 900-2400m cool & temperate, cold alpine & glacial above 2400- 4800m altitude. Bilaspur, Kangra, Mandi, Sirmour, and Una districts experience sub tropical monsoon, mild and dry winter and hot summer.

Shimla district has tropical upland type climate with mild and dry winter and short warm summer. Chamba district experiences, humid subtropical type climate having mild winter, long hot summer and moist all season.

Kullu district experience mainly humid subtropical type of climate with mild winter moist all season, long hot summer and marine.

During the period from January to February heavy snowfall in higher reaches create conditions for low temperature throughout the state making it unpleasant and series of western disturbances also affect the state



There is a huge variation in the climatic conditions of Himachal Pradesh due to variation in altitude (450–6500 metres). The climate varies from hot and sub-humid tropical (450–900 metres) in the southern low tracts, warm and temperate (900–1800 metres), cool and temperate (1900–2400 metres) and cold glacial and alpine (2400–4800 metres) in the northern and eastern high elevated mountain ranges.

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