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write a story of a child who is always scolded by her friends​


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Last week my little family attended a local Christmas concert. It was a casual event full of kids and adults of all ages. Half way through the event my husband had to leave, which meant I was left alone with two sugar-filled little girls. Not long after he left, my 6 year old, Ella started to get fidgety. She stood up and back down again. Her chair made noises, her coat and hat and every little movement seemed to make noises, too. I was gently telling her to be quiet but her sugar cookie high was starting to take effect.

After a few minutes a stranger leaned over and scolded my child. She used words like, “Little girl sit in your seat. Stop making noise. Be quiet!”

It may Ella shrink. It made me furious.

I turned around to glare at the woman again and again but the lights were off and I couldn’t see her face. I sat through the happy song full of Christmas cheer while the hairs on my neck began to rise. There was even a split second where I felt like biting this woman. I truly felt like a mama bear protecting her young from danger. I likely looked like it, too.

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